With Mary

Pray to Our  Lady, Mary

to obtain the grace of simplicity

Virgin Mary,
Model of perfect simplicity,
You who have never known
What it is like to be self-interested,
Never having had a thought for yourself.
You, humble handmaid of the Lord,
Help us to obtain from the Father
The gift of simplicity,
Which comes from the spirit of your Son Jesus.
He who throughout his whole life
had only one thing in view :
the Glory of the Father.

Prepare our heart
To receive from Him, humility, gentleness
Patience, obedience, charity
Faithfulness in doing our duty.

Teach us, Mother of us all,
Never to judge another with bad intention,
To take everything as well meant,
To keep us far from any useless curiosity,
All false judgments,
Never to search tor things which are mere show.

Then like you, who took everything as well intended
throughout your life,
We shall never be troubled at anything
that can happen to us,
Because, having only God in view,
Nothing annoying can come our way.

Teach us to appreciate like you
The humblest of tasks.
May our words and what we do
Be far from any spirit of duplicity.
May our judgment be far from any error.

You pleased God so much by your simplicity,
O Virgin Mary,
That he chose you as his dwelling place,
And he took pleasure
In telling you his secrets
As he does to all simple souls.

Obtain that grace for us, Our Lady
By which we can acquire the attitude
You had when waiting for Jesus, your Divine Son.



“Ask God to lead you by Faith:
Only God, seek only Him”.
                                    Nicolas Roland

”Ask to have some part in the pure Love
that he came to spread throughout the world”
                                                  Nicolas Roland

“Frequently remember
the gentleness of God towards you,
And the goodness of Jesus
in all his converse.
Ask Him to have some part
in his gentleness”.
                                  Nicolas Roland

Often ask our Lord
To have some of the zeal
He has for the salvation
of our Brothers and Sisters»
                                         Nicolas Roland

    “A group of persons
Who approach God in this way
Give greater glory to God
Than does a whole town
or province”

                                      Nicolas Roland


Lord, by the Strength of your Holy Spirit,
you have raised your servant Nicolas Roland.

In the marvellous contemplation
of your Incarnate Word,
he obtained an admirable priestly desire to make
you known and to have you Loved,
through his preaching,
his formation of priests,
his education of the young
and the relief of the poor.
And He has given to your Church a new religious family.

By his example and his intercession,
give us the same ardour to serve You
in serving those whom you love, through Jesus Christ
who reigns with You and the Holy Spirit.

                                                                                  Mgr Balland

Embrace us

«Send me»         Isaïah

«The sacred fire by which you will be aflame
You will help others to be aflame».

Nicolas Roland

Lord, make us burn with your Fire
It will make our brothers and sister
burn likewise.

Jesus, you who have set
my heart afire

Jesus who have set my heart
afire through the Scriptures,
Do not allow the wounds it causes to make me less open,
Turn my feelings to the interior life.
Force my steps to venture forth,
So that the fire of your goodness,
will be acquired by others.
                                                                    Didier Rimaud

“Worthily to bring the Word of God to hearts.
Aim at touching hearts rather than pleasing the mind :
have recourse to prayer”.
Nicolas Roland

 «Burn with a holy desire to save
our brothers and sisters,
and when you encounter any difficulties
do not hesitate to face them.
For this will be a sign that it is from God”
Nicolas Roland

 The zeal of Nicolas Roland for the salvation of all
was his main desire ;
it was with your fire, O Jesus in the bosom of your Church,
that burning fire which devoured him internally
became in a marvellous manner, visible to all…

Send me

Glory and praise to you Lord
By the fire of your Love,
make our hearts burn

He wanted to offer that zeal
to all those who were baptised:
For the lost sheep, he would be willing
to go to the ends of the earth
In the steps of his Master, without sparing himself.

Enraptured by your Spirit and burning with zeal,
He preached endlessly, in mission after mission.
As a spiritual guide, he gathered priests together
all zealous like himself, as disciples of Jesus,

In our days which are so cold, dear Father, let more
Fires of love of your Spirit be kindled in our homes,
So that your name will be honoured and your kingdom come,
Jesus, come to us and warm our hearts.

Hymn to Nicolas Roland

Jesus living in Mary

O Jesus living in Mary

Come and live your poverty in us
With you, beloved of the Father,
From today onwards, we shall receive
the wealth of the Kingdom. 

Come and live your gentleness in us.
With the Father, O blessed of the Father,
From today, we shall conquer the world and receive
our brothers and sisters as heritage.

 Come and live your suffering for humanity.
With you, blessed of the Father;
Comforted by Him, we shall know how to comfort others.

Come  and  live your thirst  for justice in us.
With you, Blessed of the Father:
Through Him, we shall acquire justice and be overwhelmed by it.

Come and live your mercy in us.
With you, Blessed of the Father:
Through Him we shall be pardoned
and we shall know how to pardon.

 Come and live in us the purity of heart
With you, Blessed of the Father:
With our eyes wide open,
we shall find Him everywhere
Working in the world.

 Come and live your spirit of peace in us.
With you, Blessed of the Father:
Being brothers and sisters of men and women,
with a heart at peace
We shall become architects of peace.

Come and live in us, in the love,
and in the wounds of your Cross.
With you, Blessed of the Father:
Helping our brothers
who are sick and distressed,
We shall shed forth the light of your life,
O Jesus, risen from the dead.


Lord, we  give you thanks
For having raised in the Church of Rheims
Blessed  Nicolas Roland.
Through his intercession, bless your Church today.

Tombeau de Nicolas Roland

Help us to understand the church
In the contemplation of your Son,
Who became a little child among men.
To attain the infinite love which you have for little children.

Give the church courageous teachers of the Gospel
For the world of today.
Give your church holy Priests.

Bless the Religious Sisters of the Child Jesus that he founded,
So that they can educate the young
And find joy in knowing you.
Bless all thos who are consecrated to showing the poor
The dignity which you have given them,
And grant us the grace that we ask of you.
We ask this of you
through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Prayer of Monseigneur Balland