Be opven

He is shocked by

the wretchedness of humanity

and welcomes the Fire

of the Love of God.

Love both God and your neighbour with equal charity,

Because God does not separate the charity
That he wants us to have towards Him
from that which he asks us to have
towards of brothers and sisters”.
Nicolas Roland

“Our whole perfection consists in loving God
Love Him with all your strength
Love Him in the place of all who do not love Him”.
Nicolas Roland

Follow Jesus

Jesus the man with heart ablaze

A man with a heart of flesh,
Who wants to reconcile earth with heaven
Jesus, the Word of life,
A man with a heart of flesh
Invites us to the happiness which his love gives us :
The joy which comes from Him,
comes as a witness of Easter!
Jesus, Word of life, invites us to happiness…

For the glory of God and his highest praise,
For the glory of God,
and the salvation of the world !
Didier Rimaud

I shall follow you Jesus:
Show me the way…

Ask forgiveness

Ask forgiveness

« The immense love of Jesus for you
Is all the more immense
than your infidelity and malice…
No matter what happens,
never lose this holy confidence,
Which must be your only refuge and your all”.

 Look at St. Peter.
Having denied his master, he weeps,
But unlike Judas, he does not despair.
He is the one who goes forward to Jesus,
And the one who when Jesus rebukes him,
Has only this to say:
‘Lord, you know that I love you’.

Since because of his failure he is convinced
of his wretchedness and his inabilities…
He had recourse  to the physician.
                                                   Nicolas Roland

Offer yourself

Offer yourself

“Abandon yourself
to the leadership of God,
Who gives his grace
to the humble,
and who speaks through their words.
Go to Him with great simplicity,
Without thinking of yourself
For he will look after you”.
Nicolas Roland

“Faithfulness, faithfulness to grace:
There lies the secret of spiritual life…
Take care never to gave way to discouragement,
Have confidence in God,
abandon yourself to Him”
                                    Nicolas Roland

  In the midst of all the storms
and agitations of your spirit,
Try to remain calm
in the interior of yourself :
All is allowed by God,
Not in order to let all kinds of evil germinate,
But so that we can place ourselves above it all,
By being one with Him”.
Nicolas Roland

“In Him
we have life,
Movement and our being”.
              Ac 17, 28

Come with hope

“He never looked on the poor but
with the eyes of faith,
Seeing only Jesus in them”.
Nicolas Roland

“Be zealous in training persons,
Who will look after the young,
Helping  them to persevere and not to lose
the grace of their Baptism”.
Nicolas Roland

“The greatest task that God wishes to hand to us
Is to save our Brothers  and Sisters for Him”.
                                Nicolas Roland

Give us Hope

In your Word made flesh, who came to our earth,
Becoming a servant deprived and humiliated.
For the salvation of the world
And for your greater glory,
He was an Apostle with so ardent a soul
That He gave himself entirely to you.

He brought hope to poor children.
He contemplated the suffering Jesus,
And he assembled as helpers in his teaching
Generous women who consecrated themselves to God
By answering the call.

Holy Child Jesus,
I offer myself, and I do so entirely.
I give myself to you in this congregation,
And I join with others, taking on a child’s,
Innocence, humility, and silence.
Be my helper, my shelter,
My place of refuge
For time and for eternity. Amen.

Prayer of the congregation of the XVIIe Century