Be our guide Blessed Nicolas Roland

Be our guide

O Blessed Nicolas

 *With the heart of a poor man, you gave up position and honour,
you gave away your wealth and your health,
to come to the help of poor and abandoned children.

*With a gentle and humble heart, you,
a young man with a vivacious character,
managed to unite strength and patience,
in order to take on the gentleness of the Child Jesus.

*Your heart was often sad to see God so little known,
so little loved, and to see mankind disfigured.
To repeat to everyone that God is love,
and  his greatness as a son of God,
you founded a religious family
completely devoted to Jesus in his Incarnation.

*Enamoured for justice, you worked endlessly
to that the child would be recognised in his dignity
To achieve that you have raised up loving and attentive educators.

*Priest moved by all human wretchedness,
enlightened by the merciful love of the Father,
you trained your brother priests to show God’s gentleness
and to forgive others in God’s name.

*Enlightened by the presence of God,
your pure heart discovered Him in all kinds of work
and in his suffering members.

*As a spiritual guide, you knew how to calm anguished souls
and taught them how to abandon themselves to God with confidence.
You yourself kept calm in spite of trials.

*As an apostle with a passionate heart,
you suffered because of his name, and until the hour of your death,
you suffered despite and misunderstandings.

That is the way

This is the route : take it”.


“Do not say : I  cannot do that.
Because you can do everything
in Him who strengthens you”.
                   Nicolas Roland

 “Bad tools are always good
in the hands of good workmen,
provided they allow themselves
to be manipulated and handled
as the workman wishes”.
                                 Nicolas Roland            


With Jesus

I am the vine, you are the branches
He who remains in me and in whom I live
Will bear much fruit
Because, without me, you can do nothing”.

                                                                    Jn 15

Look at Jesus : adore
(Jesus before your eyes)

Unite yourself with Jesus :
commune with him 
(Jesus  in our  hearts)

Work with Jesus : cooperate
 (Jesus in your hands) 

An easy way suggested by Olier
( priest of the XVIIe century)



“He who becomes accustomed
to look at God in all his actions
Journeying along the road to God…
Will be the ideal of a blessed soul”.
Nicolas Roland

 “If you want to have
a familiar conversation with God,
Try always to walk in his presence.
Be persuaded that God says to you
What he said ages ago to Abraham:
Walk before me and be perfect”.
Nicolas Roland

«Wherever you go always have this thought:
God is here, he fills this place.
Who can dare displease God
When he sees Him before him,
Surrounded by all his power,
His wisdom, his pity, his justice ?
Nicolas Roland

 “Never condemn things without knowing them,
And when they have several aspects
Look at  their most beautiful one”.
Nicolas Roland

Continue listening

Continue listening

“Be faithful to prayer:
it is the source from which you obtain
all the grace and enlightenment
that you need.”
Nicolas Roland

 I shall follow you, Jesus

Show me the way…

Blessed Nicolas Roland you said :

 Raise your eyes to Heaven,
To contemplate God there
In all his Beauty, his Greatness.

But also
Look at Him, near you :
He is present in all you do :
Your words, your thoughts,
He is a witness to your every feeling.

Nicolas Roland


Look at Him, in all your needs :

If you are ill,
Look at Him as your doctor
Ready to cure you.

If you have doubts, or are in the dark,
Look at Him as to a light,
Which enlightens you and instructs you.

 If your are lacking in fervour or generosity,
Look at Him as at a fire,
Which warms you and gives you fervour

 If you are in pain, in anguish,
Look at him as one who consoles,
And He will give you peace

If you are weak and weary,
Look at Him as your strength, your support.

Because God offers all that for you.

Help us to pray

Jesus, you are always present
In the depth of my soul by your Spirit:
Make me feel that presence.

You are the doctor, cure me.
You are the light, enlighten me.
You are Fire, warm me.
You are the consoler, comfort me.
You are my strength, strengthen me.
                                                Nicolas Roland


Be receptive

Simplicity is a virtue that God gives us,
because it is the fruit of the Spirit of his Son,
who throughout his whole life had only one wish
which was the Glory of his Father.


The simple soul is humble and gentle, patient,
charitable, faithful to its obligations.

It never looks at itself, it judges no one,
taking everything as well meant.

It cannot be worried at what happens to it,
because, having only God in view, nothing can annoy it.

God is pleased with the simple soul
and takes pleasure in telling it his secrets.”

                                                     Nicolas Roland