Allow yourself to be loved

Go forward to meet love. “

                                                                                                                Nicolas Roland

“Voluntarily will I say with a great Saint :  

 “When shall we love, love itself ?
Are we waiting for new subjects to love,
New advantages, new beauties
To love this God of love
who comes to seek our heart
through the humility of the crib,
through the tenderness of his childhood,
through his childish tears and cries.
Will not this divine fire melt the ice of our heart?
Let us therefore begin to love this Divine Child for ever”.
                                                                                       Nicolas Roland

When will we allow ourselves
to love through God’s help ?…

Believe in Love, you who would like to perform
great works, but who do not know how to escape
from this world and its snares.
In the heart of God, Nicolas Roland learnt
to love and help this world of ours.
You also, dare to believe
that Someone calls you by your name.
Mgr Balland

“Ah, when I think how much God loves us…
I am pierced to the heart to see
how the world can pass by without loving
Him who deserves all our love”
   Nicolas Roland

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